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Exports By Vets stepping up efforts to meet EU rules change

16th July 2021

EXPORTS By Vets is gearing up to support clients dealing with changes to certificates for exporting food and products of animal origin to the EU.

Businesses from England, Scotland or Wales must apply in advance for the new Export Health Certificate (EHC) to export to the EU or to move food and products of animal origin to Northern Ireland before 21st August 2021.

Existing EHCs, which have been used since the UK left the EU on 1st January, are being replaced by ones with slightly different requirements, so any products heading for the EU from 21st August will require one of the new certificates.

Exports By Vets is urging businesses to apply well in advance of the deadline to ensure their qualified Official Veterinarians (OVs) can sign off products.

We are part of VetPartners, a veterinary group with more than 550 sites across the UK, so our scale and reach means the group is able to meet growing demand from the food processing and food export industry for export certification for the worldwide distribution of British food and animal products. The changes in legislation also refer to the movement of horses and small animals to the EU.

We provide a 24-hour, seven-day on-site certification service for all product groups, including meat, dairy, fish, eggs and gelatin, as well as compounds and germplasm, providing on-site certification for one-off exports or long-term clients.

Exports By Vets director Jim Morris said: “The changes cover the requirements in animal health and public health legislation and it will affect all exports to the EU. We are working hard on behalf of clients to ensure there are no issues in changing from the current certification to the new rules over the next five weeks.

“Exports By Vets is coordinating VetPartners’ practices to ensure we are supporting clients with the changes so any changes to traceability documents are handled early and clients are familiar with and are using the new certificates. This is going to be a big change for all clients as they have to order their certificates in advance.

“We have an experienced support network of vets with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this industry, covering the human and pet food markets. Our OVs ensure that products have been through all processes required by the exporters to meet the requirements of the importing country.

“There is huge demand for this service from food producers and the global market for Great British produce. VetPartners can provide a national service, with all the benefits of a big team with local contacts, that is reliable and well-supported.”

Advice to exporters ahead of the changes to certification:

  • Don’t delay in applying for an EHC as it takes time to gather support documentation so contact your Official Veterinarian (OV) well in advance.

  • Most EHCs need to be signed by an Official Veterinarian (OV) who are vets specifically trained to do this by DEFRA.

  • All EHCs will need some support documentation, which may well come from your suppliers, to enable the OV to sign.

  • Work with your OV to decide which EHC you need and what support documentation

  • The exported product will need to be inspected by the OV prior to loading so plan inspections with your OV and logistics team.

  • Many loads will need to be sealed with the OV as a witness so discuss and plan in advance.

  • The OV will hand over the signed EHC this needs to go with the load into the EU.

  • All exports need to enter the EU through a designated Border Control Post (BCP)

Exports By Vets has its administrative centre in Clitheroe. For more information on the service, contact and 0330 111 9512.

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