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Park Cake Bakery


Park Cakes Ltd have been making cakes for more than 80 years and are one of the UK’s leading cake and hot dessert manufacturers, delivering products all over the world.


In early 2018, Park Cakes won a contract to supply cake to Coles, an Australian supermarket. First, they needed to find a vet that would be able to support them through the certification process required to export their cakes. After reviewing several veterinary companies that provided export services, Park Cakes selected Exports By Vets due to our experience, location and value.


Our lead vet, Ashley Marshall, managed the project from start to finish and guided them through:

  • How the export process works and the certification required. These exports required an Official Veterinarian (OV) to be present from start to finish of the loading and sealing of each consignment

  • Making sure the correct EHCs were applied for which is especially important when a product has multiple products of animal origin (POAO) such as egg, dairy and gelatin

  • What traceability documents would be required for certification to go ahead including product origin, processing declarations and manufacturers declarations

  • Streamlining of the service to ensure that he process was managed efficiently, saving everyone time and making it easier to prepare for each export

  • The correct format to present this information


Over the course of the communications between Park Cakes and Exports By Vets, a traceability system was set up to ensure that all the necessary documentation was captured and that, going forwards, this document could be viewed and assessed to ensure that the necessary information was available to support the permits raised.  


Claire Tushingham, Quality Team Technical Manager, Park Cakes said “The process from booking a vet to the vets being present at the loading of the containers is smooth and efficient. The vets are friendly, approachable and have a wide knowledge of the permits system, so any problems that have occurred have been easily resolved".


By using our knowledge and experience, we helped Park Cakes’ introduction into the export world as smooth as possible!

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